The Coat of Arms of Henry Knight Gregson

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The Coat of Arms of Henry Knight Gregson

Post  drfalken on Mon May 28, 2012 11:03 am

Bernard Burke describes the Arms granted to Henry Knight Gregson

"GREGSON (as granted to HENRY GREGSON, of Lowlyn, co. Durham, Esq.) Ar. a saltire gu. recercelle'e engr. az. a canton
chequy erminois and of the last. Crest A cubit arm couped ar. charged with a bendlet wavy az. betw. two others gu. tied
round the wrist with a riband of the same colours, and holding in the hand ppr. a battle-axe or. the staff sa. entwined with a
wreath of oak fructed, also ppr. "

J. Bernard Burke, Esq., Heraldic Register 1849-1850, E. Churton (London, 1850). p.72

Each word in the formal description has a defined meaning. A good reference to the meaning of each term in the formal description can be found at Symbols of Arms and Family Crests

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