George Charles Knight Gregson

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George Charles Knight Gregson

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This is a work in progress.  Documents including a family tree will be added at a later date.

George Charles Knight Gregson was born at Lowlynn on 8 April 1850 and was educated at Durham Cathedral.  Prior to migrating to Australia in 1876, he was in regular contact with the Hughes of Middleton Hall, near Wooler, Northumberland.  Charles and Frank Hughes also migrated to Australia and George spent some initial time in Australia working with them.  There also appears that there was some understanding that Charlotte Louise Hughes from Middleton Hall would follow George out to Australia to seek their future life together.  Charlotte Louise (referred to as Louise) migrated to Australia in 1877 and married George in 1880.  The Hughes were friends with the Selbys.  Louise takes German lessons from Mrs Selby and travels with Louise and her sisters to the Continent.

George Charles worked for the Oriental Bank in Murrumbarrah, NSW where Louise and George had their first 2 children.  After the collapse of the Oriental Bank in the early 1880s, George became the accountant on Cunningham Plains, a large station located between Murrumbarrah and Binalong.  Here their remaining 2 children were born.  Their children were:
- George Selby Knight- born 24 Aug 1881
- Caroline Mary - born 8 May 1883
- Ethel Margaret - born 28 June 1886
- Henry Knight - born 31 July 1889

Due to the letters Louise wrote back to her family in Northumberland, there is a wonderful record of their life throughout this time. Through her letters, Louise appears as a strong, feisty and capable woman who was very close to her Hughes family.  Her first son, George Selby was sent to Sydney and found a position working for Dalgetys and the two girls were educated at home.  Henry initially worked in Sydney but later came home to help his father.
In 1908 Cunningham Plains was sold and broken up into smaller lots.  George Charles and Louise managed to buy one of the blocks which became known as 'Camden Springs'.  George Charles and Henry worked hard to establish Camden Springs as a viable farm and it is still in the family.

Louise misses her family and Northumberland and makes one visit back in 1903.  She suffered from asthma in her later life and dies in 1921.  Ethel never married - despite having several suitors - and remained at home looking after her father, George Charles until his death in 1928.  

George Selby (my grandfather) left Dalgetys in 1912 and moved to Melbourne to become manager of James Hardie & Co, later Hardie Trading.  He married Una Taylor and they had 5 children before Una died unexpectedly in 1925 when her youngest child (my mother, Dorothy) was just 2 years old.  The children were - Margaret (Marnie) Knight, George Selby Knight, John Knight, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Knight, and Dorothy Knight.  George Selby then remarried Mildred Isabel Kendall and they had one child, Louise (Bunt) Knight.

Caroline (known as Carrie) married S. Norman McLean and they had two daughters - Jean and Lorna.

Henry (known as Harry) married a local girl Alexa Middleton and they had two sons and one daughter.

A family tree will be added to clarify and add further detail to this branch of the family.

George Selby was very proud of his family history - both on the Gregson and Hughes sides.  He wrote a brief book on the family history in 1952 which first alerted us to the mystery of the green coffin lid.  This family history book, along with the letters from Charlotte Louise Knight Gregson and other historical documents are located in a family archive area on the farm, Boorook where Dorothy's son and my brother, David Allen lives.

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