Who were Henry Knight Gregson and Eliza Mary Donaldson Selby

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Who were Henry Knight Gregson and Eliza Mary Donaldson Selby

Post  drfalken on Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:33 pm

Henry Knight Gregson was born 4 Apr 1821, first born son of Sarah Norris Knight and the Reverend Thomas Knight of Ford, Northumberland, England. Sarah’s mother was born Mary Gregson, daughter of Edward Gregson and grand daughter of John Gregson, esq. of Lowlynn. In 1779 upon his death, the Lowlynn estate of John Gregson passed to his eldest son Anthony. In 1806, Anthony, son of Anthony and Elizabeth (nee Kerr) Gregson inherited Lowlynn. Anthony Gregson died unmarried at the age of 53 on 23 NOV 1833. In his will dated 4 AUG 1831, this latter Anthony Gregson specified that his cousin Henry Knight would inherit the family estate. His last will and testament required that Henry Knight assume the surname Gregson. Technically, Anthony was a first cousin two times removed to Henry Knight; his maternal great grandfather and Anthony’s father were brothers.
Henry Knight became Henry Knight Gregson. He married Eliza Mary Donaldson Selby. Eliza Mary descended from several prominent Northumberland families: the Greys of Shoreston, the Selbys of Holy Island, and the Donaldsons of Cheswick House in Berwick.

Together Henry and Eliza had seventeen children. While most of the children of this union remained in England, several emigrated to to Australia, China, and America. Several members of this discussion group trace their roots to Lowlynn in Kyloe, Northumberland, England.

If you are a Knight Gregson descendent or are simply interested in this family, contact me by sending an email; the email icon is under my avatar at the right. Tell me a little about your interest and we will invite you to join our community and share in the broader spectrum of resources on this site.

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Henry's maternal Grandmother

Post  Val Edwards on Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:31 am

Mary Gregson, Henry's maternal grandmother was a first cousin of Anthony Gregson who died in 1833. Mary died a very old lady aged 93 on 18 January 1853.
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