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St. Mary the Virgin, Holy Island Empty St. Mary the Virgin, Holy Island

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St. Mary the Virgin, Holy Island St-mary   St. Mary the Virgin

  Holy Island
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John Donaldson Selby, the father of Eliza Mary (wife of Henry Knight Gregson) was Lord of the Manor of Holy Island (the Priory of Lindisfarne).  The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway which is submerged by high tides twice a day. Holy Isalnd was important not only to the Selbys and the Donaldson Selbys, but also to the Gregsons.

        October 22, 1839— “Holy Island was the scene of unusual bustle and hilarity, in consequence of John S. Donaldson Selby, esq., perambulating the boundaries for the first time as lord of the manor.  Labour was generally suspended throughout the day-- the islanders having agreed to celebrate the occasion with a holiday.  Mr Selby and his lady arrived on the island early in the morning, and were shortly afterwards joined by several of the resident gentry from the adjoining districts.  At eleven o’clock a large company assembled at the Cross, and afterwards a procession was formed in the following order:— a band of music (the Coldstream band); two javelin men,  bearing their ancient weapons; four splendid silk banners, beautifully ornamented (one bore the royal arms, and the another the arms of Selby); these were followed by Mr. Selby and his friends, all the gentlemen displaying favours in their breasts.  The business of traversing the boundaries, which was most minutely prosecuted, occupied about four hours, at the termination of which Mr. Selby entertained about forty of his friends at a sumptuous dinner, in an elegant pavilion erected expressly for the occasion.  The residents of the island were not overlooked;  all the taverns were “open houses’ throughout the afternoon, and late in the evening the pleasures of the day wound up with a ball amongst the youth of the place.  The wetness of the weather detracted somewhat from the pleasures of the day, as well as prevented many persons from being present— Local Papers.” [1]
The pictures in this album were taken by Peter Taylor during a spring 2012 visit that he made to Northumberland with his wife Lorraine Lawrence, and cousins David Allen and Nikki Knewstub and her partner Peter Thompson. The intent of the journey was to discover family roots which included the Knight Gregsons.

[1] Source: Moses Aaron Richardson, The Borderer's table book: or, Gatherings of the local history and Romance of the English and Scottish Border, v. 5 (London: Henry Bohn, 1846) p. 142-3.

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St. Mary the Virgin, Holy Island Empty Painting by John Wilson Carmichael (1799-1868) Holy Is.

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The above artist painted a picture of John S Donaldson, Lord of the Manor of Holy Island, Perambulating the Boundaries.  It may be viewed as below:
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