Pedigree of Gregson of Lowlinn

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Pedigree of Gregson of Lowlinn Empty Pedigree of Gregson of Lowlinn

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The Lowlinn branch of the family Gregson flows from John Gregson of Murton who purchased the estate in Murton in 1556. The pedigree of Gregson of Lowlinn recorded by James Raine shows the connection between John Gregson of Murton and Henry Knight Gregson of Lowlinn.

Raine, James,  “The History and Antiquities of North Durham as subdivided into the shires of Norham, Islandshire and Bedlington, which, from the Saxon period until 1844, constituted parcels in the County Palatine of Durham but are now united to the County of Northumberland.” [pub.] John Bowyer Nichols and Son, London and George Andrews, Durham, 1852, pp.206-207

In the following link to the Gregson pedigree, I show two lines of descent.  The blood line (connecting John of Muton and Henry Knight Gregson) is shown in blue, while the passing of the family name Gregson (to Henry Knight) is shown as a red dashed line.

Link:  Pedigree of Gregson of Lowlinn

Henry Knight's ancestry is traced through John Gregson of Sunnylaws who purchased Lowlinn.  This John was the 2-greats grandson of John Gregson of Murton.  The two eldest sons of John Gregson of Lowlinn were Anthony and Edward.  The estate passed to Anthony. This Anthony had a son also named Anthony who inherited Lowlinn, but died unmarried. In a curious twist, the Lowlinn estate passed from the line of Anthony Gregson to Henry Knight.

Henry Knight Gregson's blood line proceeds from Edward.  Mary Gregson, daughter of Edward married first David Pratt and second James Norris.  Sarah Norris, daughter of Mary (Gregson) Norris married the Rev. Thomas Knight.  The eldest son of Thomas and Sarah was Henry Knight.  The will of Anthony Gregson of Lowlinn specified that his cousin Henry Knight would inherit the estate, but that he would be required to assume the surname Gregson.  Thus, the Knight Gregson family was established.

Several researchers have contributed to linking John Gregson of Murton to Henry Knight Gregson.  Valerie Edwards and Lilian Caley have worked independently and collaboratively to document the connection.  Our Australian cousins brought back a copy of the Raine Gregson pedigree during their recent trip to Northumberland. Ellen Stoddart made a  transcription of this document which appears in the discussion forum: Member Working Documents.  The photocopy in this forum is taken from Raine's original book referenced above.

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