Pedigree of Grey of Kyloe

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Pedigree of Grey of Kyloe Empty Pedigree of Grey of Kyloe

Post  drfalken on Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:56 pm

One of two Grey pedigrees found in:

Raine, James, “The History and Antiquities of North Durham as subdivided into the shires of Norham, Islandshire and Bedlington, which, from the Saxon period until 1844, constituted parcels in the County Palatine of Durham but are now united to the County of Northumberland.” [pub.] John Bowyer Nichols and Son, London and George Andrews, Durham, 1852, p. 337.

Link: Pedigree of Grey of Kyloe

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Pedigree of Grey of Kyloe Empty Kyloe to Shoreston

Post  Val Edwards on Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:41 pm

This Pedigree of Grey indicates how with Thomas Grey in the eleventh generation it links to the Pedigree of Grey of Shoreston with Thomas's marriage to Ann Forster of Crookletch. On the pedigree of Grey of Shoreston, a grandson of Thomas and Ann namely Edward Grey married a Katherine Lambton both of Elvert. My observation through an extensive research of the Greys is that they are related through their mutual ancestor John Grey born 1225. Two sons of John, Hugh born 1249 of Berwick and Thomas Grey born 1266 of Heton created separate branches which united with their descendants Edward and Katherine when they married in 1699.

John Grey was a son of Hugh de Grey of Chillingham, born in 1203. Hugh's father was Henry de Grey (1161-1219) of Thurrock, Essex and Codner, Derbyshire. He married Isolda Bardolf of Hoo, Essex in 1199.

Much is written of the extensive descendants of the Greys of Thurrock in various webpages such as Wikipedia,, (Greys of Heton and Chillingham, the Greys as Earls of Tankerville) and also IGI via their Ancestral link. Eliza Mary wife of Henry Gregson of Lowlynn had some illustrious ancestors via her maternal line through Mary Dorothy Grey.
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