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Post  C. David Allen on Wed May 30, 2012 4:57 am

just trying to find my way around but the topic of the coffin lid continues to bubble away under the surface. Valerie said that Lowlyn was leased out in the early 1900's so the Gregson imprint on the house would have terminated at that time. So presumeably all the furniture would have been sold or moved. Anthea Rose [ daughter of Joy Rose - the last owner of Lowlyn ] said she has no knowledge of the coffee table and that their family did not have any Gregson furniture. With such a long period of being out of the family, it is therefore not surprising that no-one has ever heard of the story. Which then begs the question - how did my Grandfather [George SK G ] find out about the story and why did he say in his book " it was there for many years"? As Ellen has suggested in an email - perhaps it was at Middleton Hall, also Jacobite sympathisers and my grandfather just got a bit confused. [ I don't really remember him but I think he wasn't the type of person to get confused ] So if it was there for many years - which years?
So the mystery continues, my feeling is that "where there is smoke, there is fire" so I believe that we do have a story - we just need to find it! [still not sure about signing off ]- bye from David

C. David Allen

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Post  drfalken on Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:29 pm

Prue Jolley sent me an email regarding the mysterious coffin lid.
Hello Don,

I have come across a letter from my grandfather written in 1933 which refers to our mysterious coffin lid.  My grandfather was George Selby Knight Gregson, son of George Charles KG.  The Aunt Fan he refers to must belong to the George Charles (and your Charles Edward Knight Gregson) generation and she was still alive in 1933 when my grandfather visited Northumberland.  She is the one who remembers seeing it at Lowlynn for many years.

My grandfather was staying at Middleton Hall which was the ancestral home of his mother, Charlotte Louise Hughes, which was not far from Lowlynn.   Charlotte Louise followed George Charles Knight Gregson out to Australia and married him out here.  Cousin Daisy and the Simpsons referred to in the attached letter are relatives on the Hughes side of the family.  I have all the letters written by Charlotte Louise back to her family in Northumberland which are referred to on the second page of the attached letter.  There are over 300 of them and they are a wonderful record of early colonial life in NSW.  Most of the chatter is about the Hughes side of the family but there are references to the Knight-Gregsons - like Mary (George Charles’s sister) suffered from depression as did George Charles later in life - and the court sword of Lord Delaval was supposed to be left to George Charles after the death of his mother, Eliza Mary Donaldson KG.

kind regards,

Here is a link to the full letter

The relevant part is shown in the following image

the coffin lid Snippit-GSKGletter1933

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