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George Selby Knight Gregson
The first-born child of George Charles Knight Gregson and Charlotte Louise Hughes

George was born at Murrumburrah, near Young, NSW on 24 August 1881 and spent his early years on a large station there, Cunningham Plains where his father was the bookkeeper.  His interest in shooting and hunting started by joining boundary hunters shooting and trapping wild goats, wallaroos, hares and pigeons.  His education started with a governess and the sons of the station manager on Cunningham Plains.  He then attended a state school before two years at a school in Melbourne.  In Melbourne, he lived with Captain and Isabella Black in Brighton; Isabella being his mother’s sister.  However his father, George Charles was not happy with his treatment in the Blacks’ household and he was brought back to NSW to finish his schooling with 2 years at a Grammar School in Young.  

In 1896 at the age of 14 George started working for Dalgetys in Sydney.  With diligence and hard work he moved up the ladder.  He wrote and did all the calculations for a ready reckoner used in the primary industry (wheat??).  He was transferred to Brisbane in 1905 to manage the Butter & Tallow Export Dept.  He married a Sydney girl, Una Taylor in 1910 and they lived in Brisbane for 2 years.

Family friends of the Knight Gregsons were Andrew and Peggy Reid. Andrew recruited George to run the Melbourne branch of his business James Hardie & Co.  George Selby left Dalgetys in 1912 and moved to Melbourne with his young family.  He later became the Managing Director of Hardie Trading & Co in Melbourne.
George and Una had 5 children before Una died unexpectedly in 1925 when her youngest child was just 2 years old.  The children were - Margaret (Marnie) Knight, George Selby Knight, John Knight, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Knight, and Dorothy Knight (my mother).  George Selby then remarried a Murrumburrah friend, Mildred Isabel Kendall and they had one child together, Louise (Bunt) Knight.

George led a busy life involved with the local community, church and the Liberal party.  He retired from Hardie Trading in 1951 and moved from Melbourne to his farm, ‘Ilderton’ near Gulpa in NSW.  He was very proud of his family history - both on the Knight Gregson and Hughes sides – and wrote a book on the family history in 1952. The farm ‘Ilderton’ was named after the Hughes church near Middleton Hall, Northumberland.   He died in 1959.

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