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Ethel Margaret Gregson

The third born child of George Charles Knight Gregson and Charlotte Louise Hughes.

Ethel was born in 1886 at Murrumburrah, near Young, NSW.  Like her siblings, Ethel had an active childhood on Cunningham Plains station.  She was educated at home by her mother alongside her sister, Carrie.  And like Carrie, she learnt to sew, play the piano, sing and paint.  

Ethel had several suitors (mentioned in letters back to Northumberland) but never married.  As time passed and Charlotte Louise’s health declined, Ethel spends all her time helping run the Camden Springs household.  Ethel is known to fly around the house getting chores done with a ready smile on her face.  

She occasionally visited friends and relatives in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne but holidays were rare.

After her mother, Charlotte Louise died in 1921, Ethel kept house for her father and after his death in 1928, Ethel ran the farm, Camden Springs by herself.  This was no easy task for a single woman at that time.

She outlived her siblings and died in 1978 after spending some time in a nursing home in Bowral.  She is buried alongside her parents at the Galong cemetery.

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