A Genealogy of the Knight Family by John Crawford Hodgson

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A Genealogy of the Knight Family by John Crawford Hodgson Empty A Genealogy of the Knight Family by John Crawford Hodgson

Post  drfalken on Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:20 pm

The link below is an update to a posting of the Knight family pedigree previously posted here.  The pedigree was originally forwarded to me by Lilian Caley.
Valerie Edwards provided the citation to the original work by Hodgson as part of a twelve volume set catalogued as: Hodgson, John Crawford Manuscript Pedigrees of Families in Northumberland and Durham.  

This genealogy is not complete, nor is it without error. My intent in this document is not to correct errors or complete the list of descendents, but rather, to the best of my ability, provide a transcript of what Hodgson has recorded. Special thanks to Lilian Caley and Valerie Edwards for their contributions to deciphering the (at times) unreadable handwriting of the author.

Link:  The Hodgson Manuscript

The transcription of the Hodgson Manuscript of the Knight family is a work in progress.  You are invited to participate in deciphering what Hodgson has written.
An MS Word document is available that has the entire transcription in a single document.  If you would like to assist in completing/correcting the transcription, it would be helpful to work from this document.  You could enter corrections etc into the document (using a different color or bold font) and then email to drfalken@comcast.net . Alternatively, you can copy parts of the Word document to an email and send me your comments about a portion of the transcription.

Link:  Word Document containing the full transcription
Link:  A transcription of the Hodgson Knight Genealogy by Ellen Stoddart

High resolution images of the original manuscript are also included.  If you open these in photoshop or a similar program, you can zoom in on the images.

Hodgson Manuscript Page 1
Hodgson Manuscript Page 2

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