Visitations Explained (Valerie Edwards)

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Visitations Explained (Valerie Edwards) Empty Visitations Explained (Valerie Edwards)

Post  drfalken on Sun May 19, 2013 12:15 pm

As as addition to Don's link regarding the Harleian Society, I have a further website link which adds some further information regarding the task of 'The Visitations' in the 16th and 17th centuries as transcribed by the Harleian Society in the 19th.

Here also you may find a list of Visitations to the various counties in alphabetical order by the officers of The College of Arms. By selecting a county you are directed straight into the books. As Don suggested, slide the pointer to locate the index where it gives the surnames of the families who lived in those regions in those earlier periods.

For eg in the Visitation to Yorkshire on P 147 you'll find the ancient pedigree of 'Bolland-Normanton-Gregson'.
The Visitation to Derbyshire P 27 gives a tiny pedigree of Henry Gregson of Sherrow Hall Derbyshire. This links nicely to Don's no. 37 (p216 - Henricus Gregson of Sherrow Hall) in his Harleian post and shows that the Gregsons of Turnditch and Sherrow Hall used the arms of a silver shield, saltire gules (red) and a canton chequy as did subsequent Gregsons who applied to the College of Arms to bear arms but usually with a different crest or embellishment.
The Visitation to Northumberland on p 5 has a pedigree of the pre 1615 Delavals - also Collingwood, Selby (p 22) and Grey (p 7, 8, 9) families can be found here.

Link: Index of visitations on

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