Thomas George Gregson one time premier of Tasmania

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Thomas George Gregson one time premier of Tasmania

Post  Val Edwards on Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:21 pm

I found this webpage of the history of the Richmond district of Tasmania where there was a short biography of Thomas George which made me laugh. Thomas was the cousin of Anthony Gregson of Lowlynn and might have inherited that estate had he not disappeared to Van Dieman's Land as he did. A snippet from the account states. "Thomas Gregson is probably the most colourful character ever to sit in the Tasmanian Parliament, well known as an orator, writer and painter."

Unfortunately the article repeats the wrong birth date for Thomas which is NOT 1798 as his birth entry for Kyloe parish makes it quite clear to be 7 February 1796.

November 2012

I find that the link to the website to which I was referring is not connecting as it should from here. Therefore if anyone is interested in reading more about Thomas George Gregson, googling "Richmond Tasmania Thomas George Gregson" should list the history website of

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