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Henry Knight Gregson (also known as Harry)
4th born child of George Charles and Charlotte Louise Knight Gregson

Harry was born at Murrumburrah, NSW in 1889, the youngest of the family.  After a local education he is initially sent to work for Dalgetys in Sydney under the wing of his eldest brother, George Selby.  However after George Charles and Louise bought the farm, Camden Springs, they brought Harry home to help his father establish the farm.  His father was 58 years old by then and the farm had to be fenced, sub-divided, grubbed of trees and stumps as well as the house, stables and out-buildings built.  Harry worked very hard but managed to keep a sense of humour, which was much appreciated by his mother and siblings.  

Harry joined the Light Horse Brigade in the First World War and fought in Egypt.  He contracted malaria and suffered from ill-health for many years after the war.  

He married a local girl Alexa Mia Middleton and they ran a farm owned by the Middletons.  Harry bought the farm from his wife's family and renamed it Lowlynn after the Knight Gregson property in Northumberland.  Their children were: Henry Delaval born 1924, Mary Louise born 1927 and George Alexander born 1929.  

Alexa and the eldest son Henry (then aged 16) were killed in a train crossing accident on 25 December 1940.

Harry never remarried and died in 1966.  

{This entry is to be updated by Henry’s descendants}

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