A description of the history of Lowlin from Raine

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A description of the history of Lowlin from Raine Empty A description of the history of Lowlin from Raine

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Raine, James, “The History and Antiquities of North Durham as subdivided into the shires of Norham, Islandshire and Bedlington, which, from the Saxon period until 1844, constituted parcels in the County Palatine of Durham but are now united to the County of Northumberland.” [pub.] John Bowyer Nichols and Son, London and George Andrews, Durham, 1852, pp. 205-6.

Link: History of Lowlin from Raine

This reference gives a description of the history of Lowlinn beginning in 1577 to the (at that time) present owner Anthony Gregson.  This is the Anthony Gregson who willed the estate to Henry Knight.  The several notes marked with a capital "G" are from documents provided by Anthony Gregson to James Raine.  There is one reference to "names of proprietors of Lowlin which points to page 159 of the appendix in Raine's book.  The information here is very limited, giving the yearly value of lands by owner 1670-1.  The only mention of Lowlinn is in two entries
Mr. Henry Ord's lands in Lowlin 13£   0s. 0d.
Mr. Thomas Selby, Esq. rents in   13£  0s.  0d.

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