The Will of Anthony Gregson

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The Will of Anthony Gregson Empty The Will of Anthony Gregson

Post  drfalken on Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:12 pm

I received the following document for posting from Ellen Stoddart.  A photocopy of the original document was obtained from the  Northumberland County Council (EP 135/82  NCO 4390) by David Allen and transcribed by Ellen Stoddart.

Anthony Gregson was the son of Anthony Gregson and Elizabeth Kerr.  The younger Anthony was born in 1780.  Anthony Gregson of Lowlinn died unmarried and without heirs 23 NOV 1833.  His will dated 7 OCT 1831 leaves his estate to Henry Knight, eldest son of the Rev. Thomas Knight, with the proviso that upon reaching the age of 21, Henry "Assume and  take upon himself and continue to use the Surname of Gregson only and no other Surname and bear the Coat Of Arms of that family and shall in all deeds writings letters and other instruments of writing be stiled and called by the Surname of Gregson only and set and subscribe their Surnames respectively Gregson only to all and every such deeds writings letters and other instruments"

Henry Knight was a cousin of Anthony Gregson (technically, Anthony was a first cousin two times removed. His maternal great grandfather and Anthony’s father were brothers).

Link: The will of Anthony Gregson

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The Will of Anthony Gregson Empty Thomas Kerr brother of Elizabeth Kerr

Post  Val Edwards on Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:46 am

Thomas, the uncle of Anthony, and an Attorney at Law of Alnwick, purchased Tone estate in 1813 and willed it to Anthony by his will dated 15 January 1830 - Anthony being the only child of his sister Elizabeth.

Thomas and Elizabeth were children of James Kerr an innkeeper of Cornhill and his wife Martha. Thomas married Mary Forster sole heiress of Ralph Forster of Higham Dykes. Seemingly they were childless.

Information obtained from John Crawford Hodgson's "Six North Country Diaries"
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